The past year was a difficult one, but the worst trials befell Europe, such as it had not known since the Second World War. The old continent faced new reality and first of all the mammoth flow of immigrants. Gianfranco Rosi’s film “Fire at Sea” could have been called “The Sea Burns” by analogy to “La Terra Trema” by  Luchino Visconti. It is along the southern borders of Italy and Greece that the line of tension stretches and the question remains: will Europe be able to withstand it. The Mediterranean - the cradle of civilization, its natural, cultural and gastronomic heaven – may turn into purgatory and hell.
Though, in the “Euphoria” there are no more movies tackling the migration crisis besides this famous film, which won the Berlinale award. The rest of the movies that we selected, describe how the most beautiful feelings and best intentions can lead to hell.  How passion, sex, love for the dear ones and for one’s own ethnic community can at some point lead to violence, murder and war. This is the cinema of ruminations and temptations, traps and falls of European civilization, which has survived more than one “invasion of the barbarians” from without as well as from within.
Andrei Plakhov