Not all movies are readily accessible. Some of them are fairly good. So much so that like Ciderellas they fade from the view of princes-selectors even before the end of the festival ball.
Some films are more equal than others. Some are missed and forgotten for weighty reasons. Others are very hard to forget even for such a cynical and world-weary viewer as myself. I can assure you, it is not for nothing that I remember them one or two years after the festival premiere. 
At least it means that these films have not become obsolete, have lost none of their provocative power and artistic importance.
I personally consider them true pearls that no one found. It is not that they were left to lie listlessly on the bottom. For a number of subjective and objective reasons they did not make it into commercial or festival distribution in this country.
Looking for pearls overlooked by others is a pleasure in itself. There are enough small and big pearls to fill all festival days. They come from the Forum in Berlin, from “Venetian Days”, from the “Directors’ Fortnight”  and “Un Certain Regard” in the Cannes as well as from the main competition of these and other festivals. 
There will be no ballast in the programme. That is for sure. Which does not mean that you are going to like every picture. What I can promise you is that every viewing experience will be unique. And if you do (not) like today’s movie, it does not mean that you will (not) like tomorrow’s one. Simply because it will be a totally different film.
Stas Tyrkin
Curator of the programme