Opening film

Ke-dy / Sneakers
Director Sergey Solovyov
2016, 96
Adaptation of a novel «Paradise Found» written by Andrey Gelasimov . On the eve of his draft day a youngster Sasha nicknamed Jagger decides to spend the modest amount of money he has saved to buy stylish sneakers. By chance the sneakers take him to a girl named Amira, with whom he spends the night. In the morning it transpires that the girl has a nine-year-old son Mitia. The boy is autistic and suffers from some other mental illness. Amira asks Jagger and his friend to help her take the boy to the orphanage.
SERGEY SOLOVIEV (25.08.1944, Kem, USSR) graduated from the department of directing at VGIK (1969, class of A.Stolper). Debuted as a director in 1969 shooting two novellas for the film almanac “Family Happiness”. In 1971 directed his first feature “Yegor Bulychev and Others”. Winner of numerous national and international awards. His best and most well-known works like “One Hundred Days After Childhood” (1975), “The Lifeguard” (1980), “Wild Pigeon” (1986), “Assa” (1987), “Tender Age” (2000) are part of the “Golden Fund” of Soviet and Russian cinema. Among the director’s latest works are “Classmates” (2010), “Anna Karenina” (2011) and “2-Assa-2” (2011). From 1995 to 1997 he was President of the Moscow Film Festival. Since 1985 has been teaching film directing at VGIK. He is the founder and President of the International Festival of Film Debuts in Khanty-Mansiisk “Spirit of Fire”.